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Wrappels Little Live Pets

The wrapples are interactive plush bracelets available in three different colors, pink, white and blue, they magically stick to your wrist and their eyes will reveal their mood.


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The Wrapples have arrived! These are funny little stuffed animals available in three different colors. Each of them has its own personality that will have to marry yours. You will have to cuddle them to make them feel loved. They magically bind to your wrist, just slam them and they will twist on you. When you move or stroke their head you will see how they will show you to be happy, they will emit funny sounds by moving your mouth, you pay close attention to the color of their eyes, based on that you can determine their mood and if by chance they are sad you will have to play with them to make them happy to have you with you. Recommended for ages 5 and up, the Wrapples are distributed in Italy by Giochi Preziosi and are part of the LIve Little Pets line. To work they need 3 mini-stylus batteries, symbol AAA.


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